Ethnobotany of the Shiwiar of Pastaza.

Dixon, Sarah

Iniciativa Cuyacocha, London, England.



The Shiwiar of Pastaza are a remote but partly acculturated indigenous group living in six communities near the Peruvian border. They are related to the Achuar but have a distinct dialect and culture. This will be the first ethnobotanical study amongst these people. The study will take place between 15 August and 22 September 2000. Semi-structured interviews will be held and recorded with at least ten informants who will each be invited to collaborate in the publication of a guide to plants and their uses for the Shiwiar people themselves. It is also my aim to write an introduction to plants of the region for foreign visitors and laymen. It is expected that over 100 species will be recorded and collected with informants, from both cultivated and wild areas. Interviews will be with members of two communities, Nuevo Corrientes and Chuintsa. The information will be categorized according to use. The categories are expected to be construction, medicine, myths/shamanism, food, fuel and handcrafts.